• Choosing an Android TV Box - Dual or Quad Core?


    How to choose an Android TV box?  Dual or Quad Core?


    Getting high-definition video is not the easiest task that can be thrown at a device. But, nowadays, mobile processors have become so good at showing 1080p video without stuttering or lagging on a wide range of displays. This feature in combination with the low power, makes the hardware of some Smartphones ideal for television streaming. Earlier, companies like Western Digital, Roku and Apple have capitalized on this arena with their set-top boxes, but now a new entry of Android options has hit the market. This particular product is generally sold as ‘XBMC streaming player’ or ‘Google TV’ and it looks attractive right at the first glance.


    Now, it is possible to convert your old television into a smart TV and for doing this, you will need a television and a computer and you can achieve it with the following steps:

    • The first thing you will have to decide is whether to connect your television and computer with an HDMI cable or audio and VGA cables. Even though, most modern TVs come with HDMI ports, if yours is an old one, you cannot find HDMI port, but you can find VGA port or audio port and these ports can help.
    • Then carefully connect both and you can start using your old television as a smart television. When this conversion is done, you can just watch movies, share photos and videos, play games and surf the internet through your television on a big screen.

    Coming back to Android TV box, it is just meant for downloading your favorite movies, playing games, surfing the net and the thing to remember here is that unlike in the case of a computer, you cannot view multiple programs at the same time. So, rather than opting for a more expensive Quad core tv box, it might be sufficient to just get a cheaper dual core alternative.  Then for a small additional cost, you might get additional features like a built-in video camera, microphone or even digital tv reception. 


    Other things worth noting is that although a quad core processor is faster than a dual core processor, it will get this speed only when it is running an application that is developed to take advantage of its abilities. Even nowadays, most of the applications are built for dual core processing and this means that the extra power of quad core processor will remained unused. So, if you intend to choose an Android TV box, do ask yourself whether is it really necessary to opt for quad core tv box or should you trade in the slower speed of a dual core for better features.


    Written by: SuperGood.SG - Online Shopping Singapore