IPAD Air Bluetooth Keyboard

Price : S$ 93.00
Extended Warranty - 1 Year :

    IPAD Air Bluetooth Keyboard Cover
    1. Material: Slim ABS and High Quality PU Leather
    2. Thickness: 3mm
    3. Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery
    4. Energy Saving Keyboard Sleep Mode 
    5. Bluetooth Interface: Version 3.0
    6. Battery Life: Up to 55 hours of uninterrupte usuage or 60 hours standby time
    - Leather Back Keyboard
    - USB Charging Cable
    - User Manual

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    1. The item comes with standard free 3-months carry-in warranty.
    2. Extended warranty for 1-year is available for seperate purchase.
    3. The warranty covers the item from manufacturing defects only.  It does not cover damage due to misuse or mishandling by the buyer.
    4. Buyers are requested to activate the warranty on our website immediately upon receipt of the item.


    Warranty Claim

    1. In the event that the item becomes faulty during the warranty period, buyer should contract seller at email: to arrange a time to bring the faulty item to our office.
    2. We have the full discretion on how to handle the warranty claims.  This include but not limited to (i) replacement of the faulty item with a new item (ii) send the item back to the manufacturer for repair.
    3. In the event that the item is no longer in production or if it is beyond economical repair, seller reserves the right to replace the faulty item with similar product with similar value.